Mushroom Stew

Mushroom had never been something to like  as food… well, until an in-law brought it.

After it had been washed severally, I was instructed.

 ‘Don’t add water to the mushroom. It has water already. Put some salt and pepper

When next I went to check the pot on the stove , I was surprised. There was water up to half of the small pot that was used. The stove was turned off. 

I tasted the mushrooms and found them tolerable.  

Another day, mushroom stew came to mind and this was how I made it the second time. Although, I think I liked the first more .


Fresh tomatoes

Canned tomatoes

Ginger and garlic

Bouillon cubes (2)  



Oil ( red palm oil)


African nutmeg



The fresh tomatoes were washed and blended together with the onions, garlic, ginger and African nutmeg.

 After which the stove was lit and a pot was placed on it.                         The oil went in and just a few seconds went by then the tomatoes. It simmered for a few minutes during which salt , pepper, bouillon cubes and thyme went into the pot. Then the already boiled mushrooms with its liquid was poured in and allowed to boil.                                   The stew was checked for a satisfactory taste. Then the fire was turned off.

It was eaten with boiled rice and later with boiled yam.