SDAH388 – Don’t Forget the Sabbath



Don’t forget the Sabbath,        The Lord our God hath blest,    Of all the week the brightest,    Of all the week the best;            It brings repose from labor,       It tells of joy divine,                  Its beam of light descending,   With heavenly beauty shine.


Welcome, welcome,

Ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day,

Welcome, welcome,

Ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day.

Keep the Sabbath holy,      
And worship Him today,  Who said to His desciple,        “I am the living way;”            And if we meekly follow       our Savior here below,       He’ll give us of the fountain  Whose streams eternal flow. 

Day of sacred pleasure!            It golden hours we’ll spend      In thankful hymns to Jesus,  The children’s dear Friend;      O gentle loving, Savior,        How good and kind Thou art,  How precious is Thy promise  To dwell in every heart! 

Happy sabbath God’s children.

​A Sabbath Evening

Evening came 

Off  we go 

to welcome the day of  rest

Walking…lying beneath the 

beautiful sky

As the cool air wraps and envelopes 

the senses

While the full round moon 

shimmers down  and isolated stars

 twinkle from a distance 

The white fluffy clouds like 

mountains stood aside letting the

 blue space alone. 

bask in it all as some tunes of 

praise to the MASTER ARTIST floats


Such beauty entrancing the being  

Unable to leave till I can leave
A Happy new month

A beautiful rest

A beautiful Sabbath eve


​Watching the white clouds move 

slowly  quietly across the dark 

almost starless sky             

Just as days pass by and day’s 

troubles stealthily disappear 

so let heart rest its restlessness 

for no point poisoning its self for 


Let the day carry its issues without 

being added to     

Let it sway away  treading the steps 

of the clouds leaving the dark sky 

bare while wind wipe away wear and

tear for tomorrow is another day 


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Broken down shattered I lay

With shame I come

Not able to manage the life you gave

….broken in and out

 Messed up in foolish wise thinking

Trying to paint it the colours

of sun through a glass….

…But… here it is… Stained…

 blurted…dark ink…black ink…


Broken pen

Torn and ragged drawing board

A mirage of pleasure

saw through the scales

What picture could scaly eyes paint
Production: stained, blurted dark ink picture

In foolish wiseness
Held it up a trophy

Some how…a shake…
Scales dropped Pride bashed
Crawling with shame

Make it new
Repaint the sunshine
Cleanse the D board
Fix the pen…
At the FEET
Lay crumpled in heap
Just speak the words

Whole again