SDAH388 – Don’t Forget the Sabbath



Don’t forget the Sabbath,        The Lord our God hath blest,    Of all the week the brightest,    Of all the week the best;            It brings repose from labor,       It tells of joy divine,                  Its beam of light descending,   With heavenly beauty shine.


Welcome, welcome,

Ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day,

Welcome, welcome,

Ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day.

Keep the Sabbath holy,      
And worship Him today,  Who said to His desciple,        “I am the living way;”            And if we meekly follow       our Savior here below,       He’ll give us of the fountain  Whose streams eternal flow. 

Day of sacred pleasure!            It golden hours we’ll spend      In thankful hymns to Jesus,  The children’s dear Friend;      O gentle loving, Savior,        How good and kind Thou art,  How precious is Thy promise  To dwell in every heart! 

Happy sabbath God’s children.

A time to rest

As evening draws near 

The body waits in anticipation

Rest arrives

It seems every motion ceases

As the soft caressing breeze

Wraps, runs over and lifts

The trees dance and flips their hair

Tweeting  or chirping 

which ever is heard

And the bones longs to lay 

And watch the sky’s motion

Fiery red strokes, dark blues 

and nameless colours sweep across

Setting sun, stars and moon

join the scenery

Bones turn subtle 

As heavy cloak falls away

Slipped off by windy hands

And rest settles down

Another Day of work

​Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it’s morning! You open your eyes to a dim room with little light streaming in through the half open windows. Soft noises are heard as others go about their business. You know you slept late due to working late. You seem not to have enough day to do the day’s work. You know you have overslept yet you don’t want to get up and prepare for work. Your body creaks like an old door on old hinges.  The creak is heard from the toe and other parts of this body . While you feel the pains , your eyes still feels heavy and the room’s cozy. So you borrow into your covering and fold a bit then stretch. 

You head screams ‘you’ll  be late. Today is a further journey’  but your body says appealingly ‘ you need the rest!’ Finally your head wins the contest and drags you to prepare for another day which you had already said thanks to the  GIVER for. As you get into the shaky  sturdy big vehicle and arrive at your destination, your tiredness takes to it heels and you tell yourself  ‘ l’ll rest today.’ But you are not sure.  Just thinking about the activities after work, you know you probably won’t, yet you hope to. Whatever happens you know it will be a fulfilled day. For HE always gives you a reason to be joyful!