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Broken down shattered I lay

With shame I come

Not able to manage the life you gave

….broken in and out

 Messed up in foolish wise thinking

Trying to paint it the colours

of sun through a glass….

…But… here it is… Stained…

 blurted…dark ink…black ink…


Broken pen

Torn and ragged drawing board

A mirage of pleasure

saw through the scales

What picture could scaly eyes paint
Production: stained, blurted dark ink picture

In foolish wiseness
Held it up a trophy

Some how…a shake…
Scales dropped Pride bashed
Crawling with shame

Make it new
Repaint the sunshine
Cleanse the D board
Fix the pen…
At the FEET
Lay crumpled in heap
Just speak the words

Whole again


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When in stealth
windows of living dust
let the tiny streams flow
COMFORTER ONLY eyes of understanding
see the intricacies

When in deep shadows
trees form shapes of
never seen monsters
kisses of clean cool air
invoke chilly piercing scales
SCARED HANDS still jelly locomotors
and flying heart with your voice rendering
‘Peace be Still’