Life Relay

At inception the young mouth

 clung to the nipples

With time hands aided and

 waited  to be given 

Acceptable to lay tender head

 on solid thighs
Later growth came and the

 tree stood waiting to be worked on

 till the fruits come down

 now for the no longer solid 

but wrinkled thighs

That’s what it’s meant to be

The grown with hope set out

 to conquer and make a banquet
To the tree 

Then the wind struck 

almost like whips of cane

The rain a thousand pebbles pour down

The sun blazing red like hot coals

Jagged mountains arise 
The grown trudge on 

To feed self and the beloved old

Another Day of work

​Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it’s morning! You open your eyes to a dim room with little light streaming in through the half open windows. Soft noises are heard as others go about their business. You know you slept late due to working late. You seem not to have enough day to do the day’s work. You know you have overslept yet you don’t want to get up and prepare for work. Your body creaks like an old door on old hinges.  The creak is heard from the toe and other parts of this body . While you feel the pains , your eyes still feels heavy and the room’s cozy. So you borrow into your covering and fold a bit then stretch. 

You head screams ‘you’ll  be late. Today is a further journey’  but your body says appealingly ‘ you need the rest!’ Finally your head wins the contest and drags you to prepare for another day which you had already said thanks to the  GIVER for. As you get into the shaky  sturdy big vehicle and arrive at your destination, your tiredness takes to it heels and you tell yourself  ‘ l’ll rest today.’ But you are not sure.  Just thinking about the activities after work, you know you probably won’t, yet you hope to. Whatever happens you know it will be a fulfilled day. For HE always gives you a reason to be joyful!

A Hopeful New Year

​It’s a new year the old is done and 

gone. We live and work and pray. 

Hoping that the left undone will be

done and life will be better. 

There will be challenges, but we’ll 

have to push through till the end 

of  this year  with faith and hope in 

the perfect planner.

 Knowing that nothing is impossible

 with God!

So to you I say

A happy hopeful new year with 



It s a new month 
We hope for new things

We wish for new beginnings
A turnover 

Sometime later struggles erase wishes

Sometime close to the end we recall things are still that way

At the end we find out that nothing seem to have changed

And hope for another new month with new beginnings which might work out as planned

So with hope for a turnover  I wish you


Surviving the pain

​Looking at the her with a hurt heart and lips of Thanksgiving and Praise to her creator.

She’s been silent throughout the almost continuous downpour of words; working, dancing and singing of her very big God, who is always by her side .

For men will always fail, wound, hurt and still act innocent but not God.He is her solid rock, defender, comforter and friend.

So she extends kindness and gentility to even the heart breaker.

After writing this, I sent it to a friend. So my friend, Treasure Udede, did an edit of this same write up; I liked it. So I decided to share it too.
Thanks T !

Looking at her, with a heart burnt hot by hurt with blossoming lips of Thanksgiving and Praise to her Creator.

She’s been calm throughout the almost continuous torrential downpour .
Working, dancing, singing of her very immeasurable GOD who is always by her side.

For mortals certainly fail,wound, hurt, parading deceptive innocent acts. 

But not GOD. HE, her Solid Rock, Defender, Comforter, Friend.

And so she stretches forth kindness and gentility to even the heart breaker.


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Broken down shattered I lay

With shame I come

Not able to manage the life you gave

….broken in and out

 Messed up in foolish wise thinking

Trying to paint it the colours

of sun through a glass….

…But… here it is… Stained…

 blurted…dark ink…black ink…


Broken pen

Torn and ragged drawing board

A mirage of pleasure

saw through the scales

What picture could scaly eyes paint
Production: stained, blurted dark ink picture

In foolish wiseness
Held it up a trophy

Some how…a shake…
Scales dropped Pride bashed
Crawling with shame

Make it new
Repaint the sunshine
Cleanse the D board
Fix the pen…
At the FEET
Lay crumpled in heap
Just speak the words

Whole again


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Perfectly still
though not smiling
Looking relaxed, at ease
having all the time buying
and eating sleeping and waking

Inside the picture:
storms, lightening, thunder
soldiers retreating
Running. fire! Rain! Desolate
lost lines can’t call helpers
wandering in the desert
numb picking bits wanting more
time racing away can’t hold it back
deadline smiling winking wickedly
today ending light comes tomorrow

carefree, needing nothing
still waiting for tomorrow


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When in stealth
windows of living dust
let the tiny streams flow
COMFORTER ONLY eyes of understanding
see the intricacies

When in deep shadows
trees form shapes of
never seen monsters
kisses of clean cool air
invoke chilly piercing scales
SCARED HANDS still jelly locomotors
and flying heart with your voice rendering
‘Peace be Still’