SDAH388 – Don’t Forget the Sabbath



Don’t forget the Sabbath,        The Lord our God hath blest,    Of all the week the brightest,    Of all the week the best;            It brings repose from labor,       It tells of joy divine,                  Its beam of light descending,   With heavenly beauty shine.


Welcome, welcome,

Ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day,

Welcome, welcome,

Ever welcome,

Blessed Sabbath day.

Keep the Sabbath holy,      
And worship Him today,  Who said to His desciple,        “I am the living way;”            And if we meekly follow       our Savior here below,       He’ll give us of the fountain  Whose streams eternal flow. 

Day of sacred pleasure!            It golden hours we’ll spend      In thankful hymns to Jesus,  The children’s dear Friend;      O gentle loving, Savior,        How good and kind Thou art,  How precious is Thy promise  To dwell in every heart! 

Happy sabbath God’s children.

A time to rest

As evening draws near 

The body waits in anticipation

Rest arrives

It seems every motion ceases

As the soft caressing breeze

Wraps, runs over and lifts

The trees dance and flips their hair

Tweeting  or chirping 

which ever is heard

And the bones longs to lay 

And watch the sky’s motion

Fiery red strokes, dark blues 

and nameless colours sweep across

Setting sun, stars and moon

join the scenery

Bones turn subtle 

As heavy cloak falls away

Slipped off by windy hands

And rest settles down

​A Sabbath Evening

Evening came 

Off  we go 

to welcome the day of  rest

Walking…lying beneath the 

beautiful sky

As the cool air wraps and envelopes 

the senses

While the full round moon 

shimmers down  and isolated stars

 twinkle from a distance 

The white fluffy clouds like 

mountains stood aside letting the

 blue space alone. 

bask in it all as some tunes of 

praise to the MASTER ARTIST floats


Such beauty entrancing the being  

Unable to leave till I can leave
A Happy new month

A beautiful rest

A beautiful Sabbath eve

Surviving the pain

​Looking at the her with a hurt heart and lips of Thanksgiving and Praise to her creator.

She’s been silent throughout the almost continuous downpour of words; working, dancing and singing of her very big God, who is always by her side .

For men will always fail, wound, hurt and still act innocent but not God.He is her solid rock, defender, comforter and friend.

So she extends kindness and gentility to even the heart breaker.

After writing this, I sent it to a friend. So my friend, Treasure Udede, did an edit of this same write up; I liked it. So I decided to share it too.
Thanks T !

Looking at her, with a heart burnt hot by hurt with blossoming lips of Thanksgiving and Praise to her Creator.

She’s been calm throughout the almost continuous torrential downpour .
Working, dancing, singing of her very immeasurable GOD who is always by her side.

For mortals certainly fail,wound, hurt, parading deceptive innocent acts. 

But not GOD. HE, her Solid Rock, Defender, Comforter, Friend.

And so she stretches forth kindness and gentility to even the heart breaker.


As the vocals open 

And wind escapes

Letting out a beautiful cry

May it rise up in salute to YOU

As it releases the heart’s message

May it be a pouring of praise 

A fountain of supplication unto YOU

A pool of Bethesda twirling its 

Healing, cleansing impurities 

May it be a Potter  remolding 

A builder rebuilding

A painter beautifying

Making living dust 

A living home to please

And welcome YOUR Stay


Want to shout
Want to praise.

As a tender shoot with
slender shaky stem
As a tender lamb with
trembling limbs

Those scared tender Hands
tendered tender shoot
With springs of living love
slender stem changed garments
to thick strong trunk

With watchful loving eyes
the lamb grew strong ready to obey the Shepherd who for Love became
The Cleansing Lamb

Yes I shout
Yes I praise
For The Life Tree
The Shepherd
Is deserving of it