Turning Back

​Are you crazy? You must have been! Sloped off, stole from home your mama’s expensive jewelry and perfumes; your father’s cash in the drawers; created enmity with your friends and shouted at every family members – extended and immediate – around your home just for trifle.  

You deserted your degree programme, your beautiful life and shattered your parents, leaving behind rancour. 

All for what? For who? Jamil ? The angel ? The rainbow in your sunshine ? The best thing that ever happened to you ? Hmmmmm so you thought until you found out the angel turned fiend, the rainbow turned thunder, the best turned worst.
And now about to take  the prodigal son’s step; you make a decision back home after 10 years! Ten good deplorable years! 
Well, it’s better long than longer. It’s better now than never. You must be crazily sane now. Since your head fell down from your utopia clouds. But of course you do not want to think about the home reception. You pack your battered self and head home. 
Now in front of the home of years ago…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you sigh. It’s better home than nowhere so you walk forward…


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Broken down shattered I lay

With shame I come

Not able to manage the life you gave

….broken in and out

 Messed up in foolish wise thinking

Trying to paint it the colours

of sun through a glass….

…But… here it is… Stained…

 blurted…dark ink…black ink…


Broken pen

Torn and ragged drawing board

A mirage of pleasure

saw through the scales

What picture could scaly eyes paint
Production: stained, blurted dark ink picture

In foolish wiseness
Held it up a trophy

Some how…a shake…
Scales dropped Pride bashed
Crawling with shame

Make it new
Repaint the sunshine
Cleanse the D board
Fix the pen…
At the FEET
Lay crumpled in heap
Just speak the words

Whole again