Mushroom Stew

Mushroom had never been something to like  as food… well, until an in-law brought it.

After it had been washed severally, I was instructed.

 ‘Don’t add water to the mushroom. It has water already. Put some salt and pepper

When next I went to check the pot on the stove , I was surprised. There was water up to half of the small pot that was used. The stove was turned off. 

I tasted the mushrooms and found them tolerable.  

Another day, mushroom stew came to mind and this was how I made it the second time. Although, I think I liked the first more .


Fresh tomatoes

Canned tomatoes

Ginger and garlic

Bouillon cubes (2)  



Oil ( red palm oil)


African nutmeg



The fresh tomatoes were washed and blended together with the onions, garlic, ginger and African nutmeg.

 After which the stove was lit and a pot was placed on it.                         The oil went in and just a few seconds went by then the tomatoes. It simmered for a few minutes during which salt , pepper, bouillon cubes and thyme went into the pot. Then the already boiled mushrooms with its liquid was poured in and allowed to boil.                                   The stew was checked for a satisfactory taste. Then the fire was turned off.

It was eaten with boiled rice and later with boiled yam.

Beans and Vegetable   (Fluted pumpkin leaves)

This time it’s beans and Fluted Pumpkin leaves botanically addressed as Telferia Occidentalis . 

This is another recipe for beans, which I can now happily eat. As I found out other interesting and exciting ways of preparing. This time it’s beans and Fluted Pumpkin leaves botanically addressed as Telferia Occidentalis . It is also known as Ugwu in Igbo which is the name widely heard in the Southern and South east states  of Nigeria.


Beans ( use your preferred measurements)                               Ugwu                                               Onions                                                 Palm oil (red oil)                           Bouillon cubes                                   Salt                                                   Pepper                                               Water                         

Other spices could be added.


Wash the beans properly an put in a pot with water. Cook till tender.By then the water should be reduced, if not drain some out.

Add salt, bouillon cubes, pepper, leave to boil. Onions (chopped),and palm oil. Let it boil a bit, after which, add the Fluted pumpkin leaves (shredded) leave for about one minute and turn off your stove or cooker. One could also put the leaves at this point to retain its freshness. 

Other veggies and spices could be added while cooking. 

Hope you’ ll enjoy it!

Beans and Vegetables (Carrots and Cabbage)

​It is a fact that most children do not like beans and most people do not readily eat beans with as much fervor as they do with other meals. 

I didn’t like it too but things changed, maybe it was cooked differently. For me, it became delicious when it is cooked with lots of red palm oil (until the prize skyrocketed). I found other styles of cooking it.

For this one I had: beans, cabbage, carrots, palm oil, onions, salt, pepper, bouillon cubes, garlic, ginger – if you wish. Other vegetables could be added, and use whatever peppers want to.  

This method could be used as well as any other one.
The beans where selected, washed, parboiled and put back on the stove  (please use any available pot). 
After boiling for a while add your salt, bouillon cubes, peppers, ginger, garlic and let it boil till it is soft.Then put in the Palm oil. Add sliced cabbage and the chopped carrots  with any other vegetables you like. 

Using another method

One could also stir fry the cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, ginger and any other vegetable using the palm oil. After which the perboiled beans is stired into the vegetables and left to heat and mix properly for awhile.

Either way it will taste  delicious.

Try it soon!

I’m I Brave?

​So I got a funny message sometime on a social media platform. It stated some funny sayings and quoted someone (of course it was a  joke) that :
‘Only a courageous woman can fry a bunch of plantain without tasting any’  Albert Einstein (1872). 
And I started thinking

‘Haven’t I fried plantains  without eating them till they’re done?’ 

So one day, after a very long time, I got to frying these set of ripe         plantains, though not up to a bunch.

 I’ll say it went well. I successfully waved off every hand that attempted to touch and take it.         I also padlocked my mouth and it came down from the fire complete. 

I recalled that funny saying and smiled. 

Should I say I was brave?  I thought to  myself and anyone around me.