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When in stealth
windows of living dust
let the tiny streams flow
COMFORTER ONLY eyes of understanding
see the intricacies

When in deep shadows
trees form shapes of
never seen monsters
kisses of clean cool air
invoke chilly piercing scales
SCARED HANDS still jelly locomotors
and flying heart with your voice rendering
‘Peace be Still’


Want to shout
Want to praise.

As a tender shoot with
slender shaky stem
As a tender lamb with
trembling limbs

Those scared tender Hands
tendered tender shoot
With springs of living love
slender stem changed garments
to thick strong trunk

With watchful loving eyes
the lamb grew strong ready to obey the Shepherd who for Love became
The Cleansing Lamb

Yes I shout
Yes I praise
For The Life Tree
The Shepherd
Is deserving of it