Life Relay

At inception the young mouth

 clung to the nipples

With time hands aided and

 waited  to be given 

Acceptable to lay tender head

 on solid thighs
Later growth came and the

 tree stood waiting to be worked on

 till the fruits come down

 now for the no longer solid 

but wrinkled thighs

That’s what it’s meant to be

The grown with hope set out

 to conquer and make a banquet
To the tree 

Then the wind struck 

almost like whips of cane

The rain a thousand pebbles pour down

The sun blazing red like hot coals

Jagged mountains arise 
The grown trudge on 

To feed self and the beloved old


​In this crowded space

with a lot of people      

shaking, hugging, smiling, 

sharing and being one.

In this loving bond

holding hands and hearts, 

some heart, some hand is cold,

void full, alone, unfeeling

even in the atmosphere of warmth. 

Smiling souls are almost blinded   

by garments, smiles, laughter  to 

see sunken misty eyes, shivering 

lips and folded hands          

For these also give forth 

a blinding  smile in hope

to cheer another and forget. 

Of course no one knows.

 Only if you look keenly will you