Power Producer

​The night  grew  cold and old

No light 

Electric distributors  sold darkness 

Pay or cut off

Can’t pay for  darkness 

Images of electric lines falling, 

lying like snakes so long

Start the generator

I can control and pay for what is used

Mr gen coughs, spurts, and croaks

Yea light appear! 

Been awhile 

The line’s been long

The rope’s been not short

My heart still looked on with longing

Hands stretched wanting to touch

but fingers recoil

Minutes pass on to days 

to months to years 

And the heart still longs  

Some waters to cross but cross it will

And finally  where it belongs 

at least a chance to be back 


Broken For Mine Victory

At thy feet we sit

Filthy untouchable rags

Scared hands feeding 

These hungry hearts 

With the body and blood

At thy feet we come

Unworthy unclean

Your body dropped 

your blood cleansing

Dirty depths 

At thy feet we lay

Beneath the body broken

And spilled blood to

Dine of your bread and wine

At thy feet we come

Broken but whole

Pride buried

Humility risen

Love conquered

Victory gained 


The home offers protection

The home offers love

The home offers development

The home offers peace
Its paid guardsmen offer protection

 and friendship to the members

 then peace blows everywhere 

and development soars high

 its rays touching every corner
Alas !

In this home of Airegin 

The guardsmen are predators

They are forceful kleptomaniac

Squeezed faceless faces 

Shameless hands tapping and 

gluing the pockets of defenseless 


Whose poor relations are lifelessly 

below the earth for not responding 

to the shameless kleptomaniac 


They come in different fashions: 

green, black; green, green; 

whatever attire they prove same. 
Oh in the midst of thorns few roses 

are found almost too small to sight

Yet they exist

Too small to turn the upside down 

home to upside up home?


While Waiting

Store up in anticipation

Paint the body not with earth

Lay up wealth above

Know the signs

Store up in anticipation

Paint the body not with earth

Lay up wealth above

Know the signs

See the signals

Understand the signs

No longer long

Forewarned signals flashing

Drums rolling

Move, hold steady

Get packing

O sheep of the LAMB

Wait for HIS descending and

Your ascension to eternal life

Idiom vutam

​Idiomvutam, a pounded food, is a traditional meal mostly known by the southern part of Nigeria, especially, riverain states such as Bayelsa and Rivers.It is also known as Onunu ( the letter ‘o’ calls its name) by the Ijaws, Okrika and Kalabaris. ‘Idiom vutam’ is what it is called by the Degemas. 

It is something I really like but can’t eat much because just a little is very filling and moderation is very important. 


This meal is made up of yam and ripe plantains, red palm oil and salt. It is usually eaten with pepper soup, stew, odu (a light fish soup) etc. I even enjoy it on its own.


The yam (may be a tuber or half) is sliced, peeled  and washed then put in a pot to boil.

The ripe plantains (5 to 8) are also washed cut into two or three parts and put into the yams to boil till cooked.

When that is done, get a mortar and a pestle . Put some oil and salt into the mortar; also some pieces of the boiled yam and plantains (remove the peels before pounding) and pound them together till they are mixed properly. Remove the first batch and put another if there’s another, if not , your Idiomvutam is ready!  

It was eaten (chewed not swallowed) with eggs and tomatoes sauce. 

If you haven’t tried it before please do and let me know what you think.

Mushroom Stew

Mushroom had never been something to like  as food… well, until an in-law brought it.

After it had been washed severally, I was instructed.

 ‘Don’t add water to the mushroom. It has water already. Put some salt and pepper

When next I went to check the pot on the stove , I was surprised. There was water up to half of the small pot that was used. The stove was turned off. 

I tasted the mushrooms and found them tolerable.  

Another day, mushroom stew came to mind and this was how I made it the second time. Although, I think I liked the first more .


Fresh tomatoes

Canned tomatoes

Ginger and garlic

Bouillon cubes (2)  



Oil ( red palm oil)


African nutmeg



The fresh tomatoes were washed and blended together with the onions, garlic, ginger and African nutmeg.

 After which the stove was lit and a pot was placed on it.                         The oil went in and just a few seconds went by then the tomatoes. It simmered for a few minutes during which salt , pepper, bouillon cubes and thyme went into the pot. Then the already boiled mushrooms with its liquid was poured in and allowed to boil.                                   The stew was checked for a satisfactory taste. Then the fire was turned off.

It was eaten with boiled rice and later with boiled yam.


​My joy overflowed

It flew higher to be seen.

Tamper it down!

Why should I?

When I had been given 

So much than deserved.

When HIS faithfulness 

Overflowed for me

When like rain after drought

HIS love poured down on me

Why won’t I praise?

Why won’t my joy overflow?

A response to  mercy

Mercy like a fountain