Scared thoughts on the way

​Getting late you hailed a bus whose driver pointed ahead. You knew it went to your destination. But the price wasn’t right. You waited for another. This time a sienna stopped.

‘Okela?’ You inquired.

‘Enter.’ The driver responded.
‘How much?’ For the price was
what mattered. 
‘Two hundred naira.’  The beard mouth driver voiced.
‘Hmmm exact. Like he read my mind.’ You thought and got in. 
All through you hadn’t given a thought on the  only passenger in the front seat. A very short distance from where you had been standing, another person stopped the vehicle. A male.  You had to move from the seat close to the door to another. But this time you sat at the edge. You were the only female with three males including the driver whose face was a forest of hairs and a cap on his head. A shrill ran through your mind.
‘What if? No they don’t look it. Them dey write am for person face? Why is this guy by the door fidgeting? His hands seems to be moving all the time. To his pockets, his head, his hands together again. He even had a bag of tools. May be it’s just a ruse. Why don’t you just stop suspecting and noticing every movement. At least the way is usually busy and we’ll get there soon. ‘ 

These words and more kept running amok in your mind. And all this time you sat facing your right side and the “moving hands man” by the door and singing gospel. Into the next state, another passenger came in. Still a male and looking more suspicious. You still sat in that awkward position making sure the four males were in your line of vision and singing all through. You were in between relaxed and scared. The “moving hands man” bought plantain chips from the hawkers and offered you one.You shook your head and whispered ‘thanks’. 

‘You see he’s nice!’ You thought. 

You looked ahead and you were close to you destination. You felt relaxed and even helped transfer the last passenger’s money to the driver.

You know out of this enclosed space, they would be seen as normal and innocent. But you thought of all the bad news that happen while people travel and felt insecure and judgemental. 
The driver stopped at your destination and you stepped out exhaling all the tension strung up in the pit of your stomach. You felt safe again in the open and thanked God for a safe journey again. 

Another Day of work

​Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it’s morning! You open your eyes to a dim room with little light streaming in through the half open windows. Soft noises are heard as others go about their business. You know you slept late due to working late. You seem not to have enough day to do the day’s work. You know you have overslept yet you don’t want to get up and prepare for work. Your body creaks like an old door on old hinges.  The creak is heard from the toe and other parts of this body . While you feel the pains , your eyes still feels heavy and the room’s cozy. So you borrow into your covering and fold a bit then stretch. 

You head screams ‘you’ll  be late. Today is a further journey’  but your body says appealingly ‘ you need the rest!’ Finally your head wins the contest and drags you to prepare for another day which you had already said thanks to the  GIVER for. As you get into the shaky  sturdy big vehicle and arrive at your destination, your tiredness takes to it heels and you tell yourself  ‘ l’ll rest today.’ But you are not sure.  Just thinking about the activities after work, you know you probably won’t, yet you hope to. Whatever happens you know it will be a fulfilled day. For HE always gives you a reason to be joyful!

Turning Back

​Are you crazy? You must have been! Sloped off, stole from home your mama’s expensive jewelry and perfumes; your father’s cash in the drawers; created enmity with your friends and shouted at every family members – extended and immediate – around your home just for trifle.  

You deserted your degree programme, your beautiful life and shattered your parents, leaving behind rancour. 

All for what? For who? Jamil ? The angel ? The rainbow in your sunshine ? The best thing that ever happened to you ? Hmmmmm so you thought until you found out the angel turned fiend, the rainbow turned thunder, the best turned worst.
And now about to take  the prodigal son’s step; you make a decision back home after 10 years! Ten good deplorable years! 
Well, it’s better long than longer. It’s better now than never. You must be crazily sane now. Since your head fell down from your utopia clouds. But of course you do not want to think about the home reception. You pack your battered self and head home. 
Now in front of the home of years ago…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you sigh. It’s better home than nowhere so you walk forward…