A time to rest

As evening draws near 

The body waits in anticipation

Rest arrives

It seems every motion ceases

As the soft caressing breeze

Wraps, runs over and lifts

The trees dance and flips their hair

Tweeting  or chirping 

which ever is heard

And the bones longs to lay 

And watch the sky’s motion

Fiery red strokes, dark blues 

and nameless colours sweep across

Setting sun, stars and moon

join the scenery

Bones turn subtle 

As heavy cloak falls away

Slipped off by windy hands

And rest settles down

Life Relay

At inception the young mouth

 clung to the nipples

With time hands aided and

 waited  to be given 

Acceptable to lay tender head

 on solid thighs
Later growth came and the

 tree stood waiting to be worked on

 till the fruits come down

 now for the no longer solid 

but wrinkled thighs

That’s what it’s meant to be

The grown with hope set out

 to conquer and make a banquet
To the tree 

Then the wind struck 

almost like whips of cane

The rain a thousand pebbles pour down

The sun blazing red like hot coals

Jagged mountains arise 
The grown trudge on 

To feed self and the beloved old

Power Producer

​The night  grew  cold and old

No light 

Electric distributors  sold darkness 

Pay or cut off

Can’t pay for  darkness 

Images of electric lines falling, 

lying like snakes so long

Start the generator

I can control and pay for what is used

Mr gen coughs, spurts, and croaks

Yea light appear! 

Been awhile 

The line’s been long

The rope’s been not short

My heart still looked on with longing

Hands stretched wanting to touch

but fingers recoil

Minutes pass on to days 

to months to years 

And the heart still longs  

Some waters to cross but cross it will

And finally  where it belongs 

at least a chance to be back 


Broken For Mine Victory

At thy feet we sit

Filthy untouchable rags

Scared hands feeding 

These hungry hearts 

With the body and blood

At thy feet we come

Unworthy unclean

Your body dropped 

your blood cleansing

Dirty depths 

At thy feet we lay

Beneath the body broken

And spilled blood to

Dine of your bread and wine

At thy feet we come

Broken but whole

Pride buried

Humility risen

Love conquered

Victory gained 


The home offers protection

The home offers love

The home offers development

The home offers peace
Its paid guardsmen offer protection

 and friendship to the members

 then peace blows everywhere 

and development soars high

 its rays touching every corner
Alas !

In this home of Airegin 

The guardsmen are predators

They are forceful kleptomaniac

Squeezed faceless faces 

Shameless hands tapping and 

gluing the pockets of defenseless 


Whose poor relations are lifelessly 

below the earth for not responding 

to the shameless kleptomaniac 


They come in different fashions: 

green, black; green, green; 

whatever attire they prove same. 
Oh in the midst of thorns few roses 

are found almost too small to sight

Yet they exist

Too small to turn the upside down 

home to upside up home?