Idiom vutam

​Idiomvutam, a pounded food, is a traditional meal mostly known by the southern part of Nigeria, especially, riverain states such as Bayelsa and Rivers.It is also known as Onunu ( the letter ‘o’ calls its name) by the Ijaws, Okrika and Kalabaris. ‘Idiom vutam’ is what it is called by the Degemas. 

It is something I really like but can’t eat much because just a little is very filling and moderation is very important. 


This meal is made up of yam and ripe plantains, red palm oil and salt. It is usually eaten with pepper soup, stew, odu (a light fish soup) etc. I even enjoy it on its own.


The yam (may be a tuber or half) is sliced, peeled  and washed then put in a pot to boil.

The ripe plantains (5 to 8) are also washed cut into two or three parts and put into the yams to boil till cooked.

When that is done, get a mortar and a pestle . Put some oil and salt into the mortar; also some pieces of the boiled yam and plantains (remove the peels before pounding) and pound them together till they are mixed properly. Remove the first batch and put another if there’s another, if not , your Idiomvutam is ready!  

It was eaten (chewed not swallowed) with eggs and tomatoes sauce. 

If you haven’t tried it before please do and let me know what you think.

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